Fieldstone Media:
Maine Video Production & New Media Solutions

We are a full service video production company specializing in feature length documentaries, corporate & promotional videos, and television ads.

At Fieldstone Media, our goal is to produce engaging and informative video while maintaining high production value at an affordable price. We use multiple forms of distribution to help get your message out. Whether it is traditional methods such as television or DVD's, or through the use of social media, our high definition videos significantly compliment a wide variety of marketing strategies.

Diversified as we are, Fieldstone is particularly well-suited to create video marketing projects. Harnessing the superb flexibility of the web, for example, we enhance new and existing websites with the dynamic element of online and social media videos. These rich media sites inform and engage, creating an interactive experience audiences remember.

Have something specific in mind? Functionalities and features are available a la carte, so what you need is what we do.

To see how Fieldstone can work for you, contact us; we’d love to chat.