Fieldstone found its beginnings when two native Mainers, having worked for several years in the media field, each realized they believed the same thing: that common ground can be found between innovation, technology and simplicity.

They believed that:
– Video need not be hastily and poorly hacked together.
– Web design does not have to be canned.
– The internet can have integrity, be thoughtful, and make a sale - all at the same time.

The values of craftsmanship are those we apply in our work. We require of ourselves consistent high quality, fine attention to detail, and superior customization – each product tailored to the particular client and situation.

At Fieldstone Media it’s understood that every project requires the reconciliation of many competing elements. Each brings its own demands – audience, budget, design, scope. With strategic and innovative resolutions, we produce distinctive and memorable results that encompass all objectives.

The convenience of the full-service studio was realized naturally. Our team is multitalented and habitually collaborative, allowing us to provide our clients with unified media campaigns faster than would be possible when outsourcing each element.

Fieldstone Media: practicality, style, quality. Begun July 2009.

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